IC 01 PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE This book has additional features of (1) Examples, (2)”Test yourself” IC 11 PRACTICE OF GENERAL INSURANCE. download IC 01 Principles of Insurance (eBook) by KNS Sodhi in India. This (objective type book Licentiate level exam) has been prepared for candidates appearing in Insurance Available Formats: PDF Immediate Download on Full Payment. Licentiate (III) Exam Prep Workbook IC Principles of Insurance: IC Principles of Insurance eBook: P Anshu, Bhanu P. Singh: Look inside this book .

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Flash from Insurance Institute, Mumbai 2. Motor Insurance IC SO -6 and Promotional Examination Rs/- IC 01 Principles of Insurance (e-book). [Read]PDF Licentiate (III) Exam Prep Workbook IC Principles of Insurance: IC- 01 Principles of Insurance PDF Online Book - By P Anshu. IC 01 – Principles of Insurance – Model Questions. I. Select the appropriate answer to complete the sentence (Checking learning - Direct) i. Insurance works on.

It also brings out the salient features and concepts of Takaful insurance Islamic Insurance.

Reference reading :- Takaful Islamic Insurance Concepts and regulatory issues. The course is designed to help the student understand the legal principles and provisions of the life insurance contract. Starting with the sources from which law is derived, the course takes the students through the salient aspects of the life insurance contract, the rights and obligations of both parties to the contract and the legal environment within which life insurance practice is carried out.

Contents: Chapter 1: Sources of Law: Definition of law - statute law and common law. Chapter 2: Administration of Justice in India: The Supreme Court and other Courts - Arbitration and consumer forums - various laws and acts like shops and establishments act- Right to Information act- Cyber laws and prevention of money laundering act.

Chapter 3: Law of contracts: Elements of a contract like offer and acceptance - capacity of parties to contract - consensus ad idem - consideration and legality of object- Salient features of the life insurance contract like the principles of indemnity, insurable interest and Utmost Good Faith.

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Chapter 4: Provisions of Life Insurance Contracts : Proposal and policy- Policy conditions and privileges - like days of grace- lapse and revival- surrender and loans- accident benefits Chapter 5: Group life Insurance and other schemes: Group life insurance- Superannuation and Gratuity schemes- Reinsurance- Key man and Property Insurance.

Chapter 6: Life Insurance policies as property: Life insurance as actionable claim and mortgage- Policy loans- Stamp Act provisions. Chapter 8: Claim Settlements: Claims settlement process - Maturity claims- death claims- Presumption of death for missing persons- evidence of title and succession- Minors, Lunatics and Insolvents- Garnishee Orders- Attachment and Prohibitory orders. Chapter Legal status of individuals and life insurance: Nationality- Domicile and Citizenship - Exchange control regulations- Life insurance transactions involving foreign currency, like premium collection and settlement of claims.

For Already Registered candidates existing course of Year of Edition is applicable up to May Principles of organization - Different structures.

Chapter 5: Accounting. Chapter Financial Management Environment in India. It gives the reader an insight into the different types of health insurance products, health insurance pricing and the regulatory and legal aspects of health insurance.


The book also highlights the importance of reinsurance in health insurance. Chapter 7: Regulatory and legal aspects of health insurance: Principles and practice of health insurance regulations - Need for regulations in health insurance--various kinds of risks in health insurance - -Regulatory structure - Licensing and registration - Types of regulations Enforcement of regulations - Monitoring activity by regulators - Prevention of mis-selling - Health insurance regulations in India - Policy holder s regulation and Grievance re-dressal system - -health insurance for rural and informal sector workers - Role of IRDA in initiatives for standardization - Pre-existing diseases PED s - renewability of health insurance policies.

Chapter 9: Health Insurance fraud : Introduction - Cause and effects of frauds - Classification of frauds - health insurance frauds Vs general insurance frauds - types of frauds by the consumers - stages of insurance frauds - cash defalcation - types of fraud during in the contractual period and claims stage - -methods to combat and mitigate insurance frauds - technology and process interface - initiatives by IRDA and the industry.

Chapter Reinsurance : Definition of reinsurance - utility of reinsurance - health insurance and reinsurance models - products supported by reinsurers - white labeling - social reinsurance - annual reinsurance programme. Gregg Health Insurance Author O.

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IC 01 PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE (Revised Edition: 2010) Objectives

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The module provides much beyond the course material in terms of web-links, blogs, self learning questions etc. To find out how to avail of the e-Learning facility and the fee, please visit III website. Examination conditions: Candidates are not permitted to keep books, notes, periodicals, mobile phones etc.

Possession of the above mentioned or like items would be construed as adoption of unfair means. The use of simple calculator is permitted during the course of answering the paper. Scientific Examination Handbook 11 calculators, programmable calculators, calculators on mobile devices etc.

Current Procedural Terminology.

Current Procedural Terminology CPT codes are used by physicians to describe the services they provide. Your doctor will not For more information, see our Companies and Licenses page. As used in this chapter Does exercise improve your health?

A hurricane causes great destruction when it reaches land. A river flows downhill. An elephant uses its long trunk like a hand to pick things up.

Charlie: a, a Dad: a, a Exercise 28, p The quality of the support and assistance that was provided, both in the run-up to and during the transfer process was very much appreciated.

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Pharmacy Management Program: A program that requires clients who are not enrolled in a Medical Plan, or do not have other insurance, to enroll with one pharmacy for their prescription drugs. Pete Times No book at this level can claim to be fully self-contained, but every attempt has beenEnglish both Specialised certification in Marine Insurance.

Candidates passed MBA Insurance Management from Pondicherry University will not be allowed to appear for Subjects01, 02, 11, 14, 24, 46, 57, 67, 78, 85 and 90 of Institute curriculum to accumulate further credit points.

Topics on unit-linked policies, nomination and assignments, lapsation and revival of policies, surrender values and foreclosure, as also policy claims have all been brought out very well. Web Coaching: H Certificate Course on Compliance. Password will be sent to registered email id. These regulations are applicable for the following Examinations conducted by III.

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