Praise. Praise for Danielle Steel “Steel is one of the best!”—Los Angeles Times “ Few modern writers convey the pathos of family and material life with such. Young architect Michael Hillyard and artist Nancy McAllister are determined to get married despite his wealthy mother's disapproval. Then, minutes before their . The promise: a novel by Danielle Steel; 19 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Fiction in English, American Love stories, Translations into Russian.

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the promise danielle steel pdf. Download the promise danielle steel pdf - forensic computer crime investigation pdf - But translation with all its questions and. Passion's Promise. Home · Passion's Promise Author: Steel Danielle. 10 downloads Views Promise · Read more · Promise. Read more · Promise. The Promise book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Young architect Micheal Hillyard and artist Nancy McAllister are deter.

The promise , Dell. The promise.

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History Created March 9, 13 revisions Download catalog record: Libraries near you: WorldCat Library. Promesse , Sonzogno Paperback. The Promise , Sphere Books Paperback. The Promise July 1, , Dell in English. The promise , Piatkus in English. Hall in English - Large print ed. The promise , Ulverscroft in English - Large Print.

The promise , Dell in English. Barker in English. January 12, Edited by Clean Up Bot. October 22, Edited by estela jimenez. April 10, Edited by AnandBot. November 28, So, it shall remain as one of my all-time favorite love stories ever. Granted, it may not have the most original plot - in fact, I'm pretty sure it can fit right in with all the New Adult books these days, minus all the angst - but considering it was published in , I think it's really amazing.

The Promise is a story about the simple kind of love.

These days, most books that I read portray it as something complicated - too much angst, characters with troubled pasts, trust issues, and so on. I've said this before but it seems like in order to find true love in fiction, you have to be someone with a past. OK, rant over. Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that I like how this made me feel good about love and how it made me believe that it will always find its way back to you.

I know that a lot of people think that's probably too idealistic - as I do, sometimes - but I guess I'll always be a hopeless romantic and this, for me, is just a beautiful read. All right?

He smiled softly. If you're lucky enough to have love, celebrate it! Give it a home! You're absolutely right. Okay, here's its home. I promise never to forget what is here, or to forget what they stand for. Now you. He had never loved her more.

I promise never to say good-bye to you Because it felt good to be young, to be romantic, even to be corny. View all 4 comments. Dec 20, Lenny Husen rated it liked it. Very romantic story. I first read it at age 15 and really loved it, read it again as an adult and thought it was silly. Why wouldn't he want to look for her grave? But okay, allowing for that, and how easily the main characters get everything they want or think they want, this is a fun little romance.

Danielle Steel is a dreadful writer but this book is OK, if you have to read one by her this is the least nauseating. I think she had help with this one, at least I read that that was the case.

View 1 comment. Feb 22, Youmna S. Gotta admit that at the beginning I did not like this novel much ,but as I kept on reading it just caught me with the specific details and the dramatic changes that happens to almost every character in this novel. Danielle Steel sure is a great and talented writer to write such a fascinating novel ,this was my first book to read by Danielle Steel but it sure is not going to be the last. Jan 09, Laura Da Rosa rated it it was amazing.

In the book the Promise by Danielle Steel we are taught many life lessons, we learn that no mater what incidents happen in life it goes on and eventually you'll get through it, your taught that if you care about something or someone enough the love will never fade away. The main characters in the book Nancy and Michael are young and madly in love with each other, Michael's mother though is not a fan of Nancy and doesn't approve of her as Michael's girlfriend or wife.

Late one night they decide t In the book the Promise by Danielle Steel we are taught many life lessons, we learn that no mater what incidents happen in life it goes on and eventually you'll get through it, your taught that if you care about something or someone enough the love will never fade away.

Late one night they decide that they truly are in love and want to get married so they decided they would drive off the two of them and Michael's best friend. One there way there everything was normal until the weren't paying attention and a car came head on into the lane and crashed.

Michael and Nancy were both hurt badly and the friend had just a few damages, but Michael and NAncy both woke up in the hospital not knowing what happened to the other.

Michaels mom however thought this was the perfect time to get rid of nancy, so she told Nancy that if she would agree to be sent away and never talk to Michael again unless he found her she would pay to fix all her injuries from the accident and reconstruct her face, Nancy said yes. But the only way this would work is Michaels mom telling him NAncy died so she did so. They both began to lead their lives, both in misery, Nancy beginning with surgeries and Michael back in the office pretty much living there to try and get things off his mind.

Both of them found new people to fall in love with and start a family with, but one day when Nancy was feeling lost she decided she had to go back, not to Michael just somewhere where they had spent a lot of time together while she was there Michael showed up.

They were both in amazement in what was going on fell back in love within minutes and decided to get married and do it right this time, they kept their promise.

Passion's Promise

Aug 08, Julie Barrett rated it really liked it. The Promise by Danielle Steel Michael Hillard and Nancy MacAllister are to be wed but the car accident prior to the wedding leaves others to wonder if they will keep their vow. He is an architect and she is an artist. His wealthy mother disapproves though They will be separated but will it keep them apart?

On their way to get married the car crashes and he's unconsci The Promise by Danielle Steel Michael Hillard and Nancy MacAllister are to be wed but the car accident prior to the wedding leaves others to wonder if they will keep their vow. On their way to get married the car crashes and he's unconscious and she has lost her face. When his mother visits in the hospital she pays for Peter to not only care for her in CA but to rebuild her face and life-away from Michael.

Going through face restorations she is not sure why Michael doesn't come to visit her. She doesn't know that his mother told him that she had died. The book follows each of them as their new lifes begin I've not long read 'Accident' by Steel which also featured a Car Crash as one of the main plot points.

And whereas I couldn't put 'Accident' down, The Promise fell flat. I think the problem was the characters just didn't have much personality. It was hard to care about them. I didn't find the reasons they gave for the choices they made very believable. It was strange that she had coaching to change her voice but in the end I understood why that was in ther I've not long read 'Accident' by Steel which also featured a Car Crash as one of the main plot points.

It was strange that she had coaching to change her voice but in the end I understood why that was in there as it was used in the plot. Her relationship with Peter was professionally very wrong. It just wasn't the kind of book where you ignore other things, and for a Steel book, it was pretty short but it felt much longer.

It was okay but not very exciting. Nov 28, Stella added it. First book I ever read because I was bored. I was grounded in high school and I stayed up all night to finish it. It was great! I went on to read Danielle Steel for several years. I loved the way she described the women in the stories and the places they went and where they lived. Just beautitul! Jan 03, Mary rated it did not like it.

Absolute trite. May 28, Lexi rated it really liked it. The Promise Author: Michael met Nancy at a Boston Gallery where her work was being shown. She is an artist and he is a famous architect. He asked her out and fell madly in love with her. Nancy wasn't too quick to jump into a serious relationship. Her mother had left her as a young child in an orphanage. She just abandoned her.

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Nancy had not really healed from it. She doesn't want to trust or love anyone. Michael kept asking he The Promise Author: Michael kept asking her out and proved to her he was someone who could be trusted. They are so in love. Michael and Nancy want to have a small wedding. Michael comes from a very wealthy family. They have many family values and traditions.

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His mother is like the queen of the family. Michael has always done everything he could to please his mother. Nancy knows his mother doesn't like her. His mother doesn't think she is good enough for her son. One day when Michael and Nancy are riding their bikes they pass a man selling stuff. Michael asks Nancy if she would like a pink stuffed doggie. She chooses a cheap blue beaded necklace. They keep going on there bike ride and when they stop at a very pretty site she takes off the beads and buries them in the dirt at the base of the big tree.

She says lets make a promise to never forget what is here or for what it stands for.

He then says I promise to never say goodbye to you. She hires a private investigator to dig up bad things on Nancy. They get into a big fight. Michael calls his Best Friend Ben and the three of them decide that Michael and Nancy should just run away and get married. Their driving and are all talking and not paying attention to the road and all of a sudden a huge truck is in both lanes coming right at them.

They get in a huge accident. Ben first comes to and sees Mike is alive but barely breathing. Then he looks at Nancy and sees her beautiful face is just ripped off! They all end up in the hospital. Nancy gets flown to another one because of her injuries. His mother tells Michael that Nancy died! Michaels mother goes to the hospital where Nancy is and tells her that she will never be anything but hideous and Michael is starting a career in a job that is too powerful to have a wife that looks like her.

She tells her it is the best thing for both of them. She insists that if she loves Michael she will stay out of his life. His mother also says that she told Michael what hospital she is in and if he really loved her he would come and see her.

After a while when he never comes to see Nancy she believes his mother and accepts her money and plastic surgeon to fix her face. She also promises not to try and contact Michael.

What Nancy also doesn't know is that his mother gave a different picture to the plastic surgeon so he would make her look totally different. She has the surgery and when she sees her face she decides to change her name too.

She is so upset about Michael not caring about her she figures she should just be someone else. She then continues her career as an artist and photographer under a different name. She is now Marie and lives on the west coast. One day her office gets a request for her to do some work at company in Boston. She then realizes it is the one she had given to Michael.

She now realizes she is going to be face to face with him and runs out of the office. She doesn't want to see him. He even asks her if it is something personal or something against his firm. She is so upset. She feels the one person who she truly loved abandoned her like her mother did. She has no idea he really doesn't know that she survived the accident. She doesn't know that his mother is a really wicked and mean person. She finally decides to meet him for coffee and just keeps getting madder at him because he does not know who she really is.

She then leaves and while she is in town she drives to the spot where her and Michael and buried the blue beads. While she is sitting there she decides to dig them up. They belong to someone else. Someone I loved and never forgot! He then walked up to her and said I promised to never say goodbye and I never did. She then told him you never came to see me or find me.

He tells her he was told she died. She admitted she promised to stay out of his life if they gave her a new face. They immediately find all the love they have for each other and tell each other how much they love each other. They then decide they are going to get married immediately. He told her he started noticing things about her that were so much like his Nancy and that his mother finally admitted what she had done.

She begged for forgiveness and he ran out looking for her. He could find her in the city and decided to go to their spot to just remember her and when he got there he realized she was already there. They now know they really belong together! This book was very good and very powerful about true love. This one was published in , hence why I consider it her older work. Her older work has more of a story. Less tell and more show.

The conversations amongst the characters are better. Everything about her older work is just better. But sadly, this one wasn't the best I've read. This woman cost tw: This woman cost him the love of his life and all because Nancy was an orphan and an artist. His mother didn't think she was good enough for Michael. Just two people trying to rebuild there lives after a car accident. It spans over the course of two years and Michael and Nancy get plenty of screen time. I wasn't super keen on the doctor and Nancy being together.

It felt like a weird power imbalance and I just wasn't about that. Overall, this wasn't the worst book I've read of Danielle Steel but I've read better. It was a nice filler book and quick and easy read. A poor girl marries a rich boy and is unacceptable to her new mother-in-law.

When she is in a car accident and terribly disfigured, her mother-in-law pays for her reconstructive surgery on the condition that she will disappear from her son's life. Feb 18, Sheila rated it it was amazing. This is the very first book I read by this author and fell in love with her style of writing as I could 'picture' the story unfolding in my mind. Years later I saw the movie and although it was good I could honestly say that the book was so much better and I have been reading her books ever since.

Secretly read this as a kid without my mum knowing I had taken it out of the bookcase. I have such fond memories of reading Danielle Steel under the bed covers and this was such a great, over the top read. Loved it.

Jul 13, Adam Davis rated it did not like it. My wife and I both had our seventh grade teacher read this book to us. Years later, I was in a band with the authors son for a few weeks before he was kicked out for drug use. Oh yea, the book It was pretty awful. I'm always amazed at the lengths snooty matriarchs will go to, just to keep poor, deserving girls from marrying their sons. Aug 11, Caitlin Blechschmidt rated it it was amazing.

Jun 07, Brenda rated it it was amazing Recommended to Brenda by: Excellent story. So surprised at myself for having never read this before. I loved it. This was a reread for me.

I enjoyed it as much as I did the fist time years ago. I love DS books and I am glad I agreed to do this for a buddy read. View all 3 comments. Es un buen libro.

The Promise

Me ha encantado como va contando la historia Danielle Steel aunque es un poco duro porque te hace reflexionar. Jul 13, W. I promise to love this book forever and always I read The Promise for the first time after my aunt recommended it to me when I was nineteen years old.

There is a Bollywood movie Yeh Vaada Raha inspired by this novel that I had always loved as a child and my aunt told me that the original novel is even better I spent months browsing every book store I walked into, knowing that Danielle Steel is a world famous author and surely big bookstore chains would carry her entire collection.

This wa I promise to love this book forever and always This was of course before the days when downloading books online was the norm. Eventually though I discovered the book depository and finally ordered my copy. Since then, I have read and reread this book so many times, my cover is starting to peel off. Highly recommended to all Bollywood fans too! Or what it stands forWhile she is sitting there she decides to dig them up.

Nancy has not given up on Michael, because she is sure he will come find her. The conversations amongst the characters are better.

But sadly, this one wasn't the best I've read. Despite being old book it felt timeless. Then he looks at Nancy and sees her beautiful face is just ripped off! To view it, click here. She has also written the "Freddie" books, four of them, about real-life situations in children's lives, like a visit to the doctor and the first night away from home.

Family, children, and young people are the central focus of her life, and her passion, which frequently shows in her writing.