for your learner permit you must pass your driver theory test (see pages 17–18). In the interest of your safety and that of other road users, you must meet certain. The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers. The Official DSA Theory Test Revision Papers for Car Drivers. The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive. Helping. irish driving theory test questions and answers pdf practice theory test ireland.

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dvlawrittentest dvla practice theory test theory gov. THEORY TEST QUESTIONS. SECTION 2 Overtaking drivers there is a bend to the left Signal so that other drivers can slow down. Use your. The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers [PDF] 16th () E_nodrm - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

Your vehicle has broken down on a motorway.

You are not able to stop on the hard shoulder. What should you do? Leave your vehicle only when you can safely get clear of the carriageway. Do not try to repair the vehicle or attempt to place any warning device on the carriageway. What does this sign mean? You arrive at an incident where someone is suffering from severe burns. Its coolness will help take the heat out of the burn and relieve the pain.

Keep the wound doused for at least ten minutes. You are turning left into a side road.

What hazards should you be especially aware of? Look into the road before you turn and always give way to any pedestrians who are crossing.

Driving Theory Test & Highway Code eBooks to help you pass your driving test

It is essential that tyre pressures are checked regularly. When should this be done? This will give you a more accurate reading. The heat generated from a long journey will raise the pressure inside the tyre. You are on a wet motorway with surface spray. This will help other road users to see you.

What is the national speed limit for cars and motorcycles in the centre lane of a three- lane motorway? Look out for any signs of speed limit changes due to roadworks or traffic flow control.

That means you cannot depend on what you learn in the class entirely to get all the answers necessary to pass the exam.

Hence, over and beyond that, do your homework by researching all the information available on passing such a test. Some of the strategies you can use include searching probable questions and answers online, holding group discussions with your colleagues to brainstorm on the test before the due date, among others.

That is not the best posture to assume as you look forward to such an exam or as you answer the questions at hand. Apparently, when you are tense, it is difficult to think clearly at times.

On such occasions, you may end up answering even the simplest of questions wrongly. Therefore, do your best to relax. It will help you deal with any form of anxiety within and without. More information about this is given on pages Can I take the practical test first? You must pass your theory test before you can book a practical test.

Does everyone have to take the theory test? Most people in the UK who are learning to drive will have to take the theory test. Tel or email customercare pearson. Tel If you cant, youll need to apply for a provisional licence and take a theory and a practical driving test. To prepare for the multiple choice part of the theory test, DSA strongly recommends that you study the books from which the theory test questions are taken, as well as the questions youll find in this book.

The Official Highway Code This is essential reading for all road users. It contains the very latest rules of the road, up-to-date legislation and provides advice on road safety and best practice. Know Your Traffic Signs This contains most of the signs and road markings that youre likely to see. Its important that you study, not just to pass the test but to become a safer driver.

Introduction About the theory test The Official DSA Guide to Driving the essential skills This is the official reference book, giving practical advice and best driving practice for all drivers. These books will help you to answer the questions correctly and will also help you when studying for your practical test. The information in them will be relevant throughout your driving life, so make sure you always have an up-to-date copy.

It contains all the revision questions and answers, and also allows you to take mock tests. The DVD is packed with useful tips, quizzes and expert advice.

It also includes interactive hazard perception clips, which you can use to test yourself and see if youre ready to take the real test. Choose either the Theory Test app, which covers the multiple choice part of the test, or the Theory Test Kit, which covers both the multiple choice and hazard perception parts of the test.

Theres also a free version to try before you download. All the official training materials listed are available online at tsoshop. Theyre also available from bookshops and selected computer software retailers.

Apps are available from the Apple app store. To make sure that all candidates are being tested fairly, questions and video clips are under continuous review. Some questions may be changed as a result of customer feedback.

The official DSA theory test for car drivers [PDF]

They may also be altered because of changes to legislation, and DSA publications are updated so that the revision questions reflect these changes. Introduction About the theory test Can I take a mock test? You can take a mock test for the multiple choice part of the theory test online at safedrivingforlife.

You can also book by post. Booking online or by telephone By using these methods youll be given the date and time of your test immediately.

DVSA or DVA Driving Theory Test + Test Training Materials (PDF)

Book online at www. To book by telephone, call for Northern Ireland. If you have hearing or speech difficulties and use a minicom machine, call If youre a Welsh speaker, call Youll be given a booking number and you should receive an appointment letter within 10 days.

There are over theory test centres throughout England, Scotland and Wales, and six in Northern Ireland. Most people have a test centre within 20 miles of their home, but this will depend on the density of population in your area. To find your nearest test centre, please visit www. If you dont receive an acknowledgement within the time specified, please visit www. We cant take responsibility for postal delays. If you miss your test appointment, youll lose your fee. When are test centres open? Test centres are usually open on weekdays, some evenings and some Saturdays.

How do I cancel or postpone my test?

You can cancel or postpone your test online by visiting www. You should contact the booking office at least three clear working days before your test date, otherwise youll lose your fee.

Booking by post If you prefer to book by post, youll need to fill in an application form. These are available from driving test centres, or your instructor may have one. You should receive an appointment letter within 10 days of posting your application form. If you need the theory test in a language other than English or if you need support for special needs, please turn to page Taking your theory test Arriving at the test centre You must make sure that when you arrive at the test centre you have all the relevant documents with you.

If you dont have them, you wont be able to take your test and youll lose your fee. Youll need your signed photocard licence and paper counterpart, or your signed old-style paper driving licence and valid passport your passport doesnt have to be British. Other forms of identification may be acceptable in Northern Ireland; please check dvani. All documents must be original. We cant accept photocopies.

The test centre staff will check your documents and make sure that you take the right category of test. Remember, if you dont bring your documents your test will be cancelled and youll lose your fee. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time so that you arent rushed.

If you arrive after the session has started, you may not be allowed to take the test. Its an on-screen test and is made up of a multiple choice part and a hazard perception part. Watch the How to pass the theory test video on DSAs YouTube channel, which explains how to prepare for the theory test, what to expect on the day and what you need to do to pass. Introduction About the theory test youtube.

A voiceover can also be provided in Welsh. You can listen through a headset to the test being read out in one of 20 other languages as well as English. At some theory test centres you may bring a translator with you so that you can take your test in any other language. You have to arrange and pay for the services of the translator yourself.

Provision for special needs Every effort is made to ensure that the theory test can be taken by all candidates. Its important that you state your needs when you book your test so that the necessary arrangements can be made. Reading difficulties Theres an English-language voiceover on a headset to help you if you have reading difficulties or dyslexia.

You can ask for up to twice the normal time to take the multiple choice part of the test.

Get Ready for Your 2019 RTO Driving Licence Test Now

Youll be asked to provide a letter from a suitable independent person who knows about your reading ability, such as a teacher or employer. Please check with the Special Needs section call on the normal booking number; see page 13 if youre unsure who to ask. We cant guarantee to return any original documents, so please send copies only. Hearing difficulties If youre deaf or have other hearing difficulties, the multiple choice part and the introduction to the hazard perception part of the test can be delivered in British Sign Language BSL by an on-screen signer.

The UK Highway Code (Upd. 2019)

If you have any other requirements, please call the Special Needs section on the normal booking number see page Physical disabilities If you have a physical disability that would make it difficult for you to use a touch screen system or a mouse button in the theory test, we may be able to make special arrangements for you to use a different method if you let us know when you book your test. Introduction About the theory test Multiple choice questions The first part of the theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

Some of these will be in the form of a case study.

You select your answers for this part of the test by touching the screen or using a mouse. Before you start, youll be given the chance to work through a practice session for up to 15 minutes to get used to the system. Staff at the test centre will be available to help you if you have any difficulties. The questions will cover a variety of topics relating to road safety, the environment and documents. Only one question will appear on the screen at a time. Some questions may ask for two or more correct answers from a selection, but this will be shown clearly on the screen.

If you try to move on without marking the correct number of answers, youll be reminded that more answers are needed. To answer, you need to touch or click the box beside the answer or answers you think are correct.I remember what I see or read I remember best when I physically do something Short study sessions Do things create models or diagrams; make lists Use props Try the interactive activities Watch and copy what your driving instructor does Mime or act out different driving moves.

This means that you have to take and pass the practical test within this two-year period. Except for emergencies it is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving. Park in a safe and convenient place before receiving or making a call or using text messaging. HC r Vehicles can be noisy.