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It's So Easy book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A founding member of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver shares the sto. Guns N' Roses epitomized all of the glamour of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. But, author Alex Stone writes, Duff McKagan's memoir shows the. How to Be a Man (And Other Illusions) is McKagan's follow-up to his New York Times bestselling autobiography It's So Easy (And Other Lies).

And your pancreas burst. Yeah, acute pancreatitis and there's nothing "cute" about it.

The pancreas expanded -- it was overtaxed and it burst. The enzymes that digest your food and are supposed to be inside were now on the outside. It burned everything outside. I don't wish it upon anybody. I wanted to die. I was pleading for them to kill me. The morphine that they had me on wasn't doing anything and they had me on Librium for the DTs [Delirium tremens, which include hallucinations and confusion], because you can die from that.

My mom came to see me and she was in a wheelchair with Parkinson's and she was crying. She's taking care of her youngest son; the order of things is wrong. I just about blew it and let this lion of a woman down. That was my clarion moment, when I saw my mom. I wanted to change.

What was the hardest thing for you when you were newly sober? Number one, the hardest thing to come to grips with was, if you're going to drink, you're going to die and I didn't have sober people around me.

I didn't know anything about AA. I'm stubborn and I work hard, so those were the two things I relied on. The first time I went into a supermarket, it was like being on acid I was sweating on the verge of a panic attack. I bought cigarettes and BBQ sauce.

I guess I just wanted to go into the store and download something. Why did you decide to go to college? Because those first months started to go by, and I did things to fill my time. Personally, I had made a good amount of dough for a year-old guy, but I didn't know a thing about money.

I'm not a dumb guy but I couldn't figure them out. I didn't know the difference between a stock and a bond -- too embarrassed to ask and I didn't trust anybody -- so went and enrolled in a course.

Now I have a Bachelor's degree in business. And now you have a financial planning company. When I started going to business school, I started getting calls from my peers asking for my help.

I thought, "Well, there are a lot of people like me who make a bunch of money and just get so scared of it and don't know what to do with it. What was amazing to me was you were doing so well and then you had a relapse in Yeah, 10 and a half years later. It wasn't a relapse on booze or coke.

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It was on Xanax. I think I felt like maybe I was a little bit bulletproof. It came to me all at once, up onstage at the Avalon: No, I love these guys. Matt and I sometimes fight like cats and dogs, but at the bottom of it all, we have sincere respect for each other. When I became an adult, I made a concerted effort to repair my friendships with these guys.

Resentment is a brutal thing. In the first year or two after I got sober, I found myself swimming in a dense, black swamp of resentment and regret.

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I heard stories about myself in which I was the punch line. I started to recognize what alcoholism had kept me from doing, from experiencing.

My peculiar life path at the time, though, led me to a martial arts discipline that dealt with taking responsibility for your own actions and bettering yourself for yourself.

Self-discipline and self-respect were completely new ideas to me.

I was desperate for a new way of living, and because I was and still am in such awe of how much at peace my martial arts teacher was, I followed his instruction to the extreme. I wanted just a little part of that peace. Working past regret and resentment was key to me actually liking myself.

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The more I liked and trusted myself, the less I blamed others. I stopped thinking about what could have been and focused on the things I could do now. But that was just my own personal story, and these three guys had found their own way past some of the resentments and regret. We all eventually became friends again, played in bands together, and found ourselves in faraway places playing great rock songs together, in front of a ton of people— with Billy Ray Cyrus in support.

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It’s So Easy (And Other Lies)

Special Projects. He uncovers the facts behind the first meeting with future GN'R members and how they created a little sanctuary for themselves at a dumpy rehearsal space in Hollywood. LA Weekly 4. For me, a sign of a good book is not wanting it to end. I would have liked Interesting book. Hate them?