Despite its current dominance, Sommers maintains, such a breed of feminism is at odds with the real aspirations and values of most American women and. The Bad Boy Stole My Bra by Cherry_Cola_x. This story is my. I slide into the covers in my pyjama The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Pages·· If feminism is a religion, Rhett Butler is the devil. My casual acceptance of the women who find Rhett Butler so attractive was not to be forgiven.

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Philosophy professor Christina Sommers has exposed a disturbing development: how a group of zealots, claiming to speak for all women, are promoting a. left open the possibility that in and Sommers just didn't see who really stole feminism, but that possibility became more remote the. It is true that I participated in one of the many academic conferences criticized in " Who Stole Feminism?" However, her attack does not mention.

I just wrote a little monograph called Freedom Feminism in which I tried to rescue the term from the hardliners. Most women and certainly men reject the label. It's associated in the public mind with male-bashing and humorlessness. So maybe we do need a new word, but I'm not sure what it should be. I, too, welcome suggestions!

I volunteer the term "People Against Needless Assholery" as a nice, first-draft catchall. The original feminists won, and left the room, now there a bunch of weirdos hanging around continuing to fight after the battle is over. Is misogyny a real thing that exists? Is misandry a real thing that exists? Why or why not? Yes, misogyny certainly exists, but it was a far more serious problem a few decades ago. Today, misandry-- hostility to men-- is rampant in our society.

A "women are from Venus; men are from hell" mentality dominates today's organized feminist movement. You are the strangest feminist I have ever read, but in a good way. As a man who has dated a couple of very militant feminists reading the things you are putting on here is like a big breath of fresh air. I consider myself a feminist in that I believe that everyone should have a fair shake at life and career and culture regardless of sex or color or anything, really , and I think that the man-bashing "victim feminists" as you put it are really doing the idea that everyone should be equal a disservice.

So, no question, just thanks for being level headed and I hope that tour influence spreads like wildfire.

I dislike feminists that defend the idea that men are not. Sommers, for me, embodies the first notion. Sadly, it's the very vocal latter variety that has seized the popular spotlight and has so damaged the movement with their narcissism and histrionics. Are there any research that shows this hostility towards men actually has a negative impact on men other than the discrimination the misandrists themselves do?

Do you think it affect society as a whole in any way? The hostility towards men rampant in our society is especially dangerous for little boys.

There are now many mothers and teachers for whom girls are the gold standard. They judge their boys according to how much they behave like girls, and most boys fall short. Boys, taken as a group, like action, competition and rough and tumble play. They're the one group of Americans who don't want to talk about their feelings.

A recent study shows serious grading bias against boys as early as first grade: Here is a 22, word list detailing how misandry "negatively impacts men. Hi Christina, love your books! I was wondering, what do you think will be the state of men in our country 50 years from now, given the current trajectory?

Given the current trajectory, serious trouble. Boys and young men are on the wrong side of the educational gender gap, and so far almost no one in the education establishment seems to have noticed. Men across the ability distribution are falling behind in school. By ignoring the educational needs of young men, we are endangering our technological and economic future. For a fuller answer, see here: She's one of a group of writers and scholars who want to diminish the importance of sex differences.

She takes on easy targets and avoids much of the serious scholarship on gender difference. Wow, people are hating on you for an honest question That I had myself. So much for "AMA". Have you ever heard of GirlWritesWhat? She's pretty critical of feminism. Hey there, Christina! I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your thoughts on concepts like gender as a social construct, transgenderism, and transphobia, and how those play into your own views on feminism as a whole.

This is going to be a bit of an odd question, but since joining this reddit, it's become a bit of a pet peeve of mine. What do you think of middle class hetrosexual white women with loving families, who honestly seem to think they face far more challenges in society then say, gay men, non-white men, the disabled and the poor?

A rich woman will generally have more privilege than a poor man. A rich black will generally have more privilege than a poor white.

A rich homosexual will generally have more privilege than a poor heterosexual. There is no situation ever where a poor person has more privilege than a rich person, because even if you have every other box on the oppression chart ticked off, having a shit-ton of money offers you so much mobility that you still come out on top. From my own interactions with SJW types, they don't seem to recognise class on any level - all that exists is sex gender and ethnicity.

I suspect that has a lot to do with SJWs primarily coming from America, which is a fairly class-blind society in most respects.

This is also the reason why so many African Americans are in jail. It's not about race, you're born in to a class and it's damn hard to leave it. An intresting sidenote: Inequality seem to have a strong correlation with socio-economical mobility. Have a look at this curve.

Basicly if you're in a country that discriminate people, you're more likely to get stuck in your class and vice versa. I wonder what causes what As far as I can figure out, the concept privilege simply means "all else being equal, you get a specific advantage by being So if you have two people in exactly the same situation with regards to wealth, employment, health, that sort of then and the one is a straight man and the other a gay man then the straight guy has an advantage over the gay man as he's not likely to be beaten up or murdered for being straight.

Similarily, a white gay man may have an advantage over a black gay man in what would otherwise be the exact same situation; the white guy is unlikely to be lynched by the KKK, just to give a wacky example. Yeah but that's just an academic distinction, as all other things are never equal. It has no actual function in reality.

In reality it doesn't matter if you're a member of another privileged or oppressed group or not, if you've got enough money. This is more or less true. Although the extremist types seem to think class is derivative of your race, gender, and sexuality. But we still have the issue of what to actually do about any of it.

Is a world with zero "privelege" truly possible? How would we get there? Would it be a functional society?

Can we have equality while some people face fewer challenges than others? Even if the answer to those is in the affirmative, how would you actually arrive there? Nobody will let you redistribute the wealth, and it'd probably re-distribute itself back in the hands of some people, albeit with more diversity. Isn't there any kind of moral rule that says tampering with society on a massive level is pretty suspect? Will everyone just be okay with that, even if we can prove that it's the best thing for everyone on paper?

There's so many questions to be asked, and nobody is considering them. They're just saying, "Of course privelege is bad! Some people have it better than others! And most importantly, it ignores how we could put them into practice.

So, I think that's why a lot of SJW-types try to tear-down people they see as "having a lot of privilege".

'Who Stole Feminism?'

Because fixing problems to help everyone is hard. But you can keep ripping people down until everyone is stuck in the land of the lower-class, right?

You can at least get a few clear victories that way. But it loses sight of the actual goal, which is simply to ensure that nobody is losing out simply because of who they were born as. I don't know how we'll fix the economic disparity issue short of a massive global shift to a new type of economy or an old one that failed but might work in the modern age with advanced in technology.

Giving people money doesn't solve all their problems. And treating people like they "are in need" is patronizing. So now we've put tremendous effort enforcing the idea of "privilege equality", and now we're back at square one where some people have it better than others, and someone has a problem they think is unfair in their lives.

What do you think needs to be done to make sure both men and women are treated equally under the law? Obviously speaking about the issues and raising awareness is one thing but there is a definite need for change in laws and more accountability in the courts for biased and corrupt behaviour.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Do you have any advice for a young man and his little brother who have no real familial support structure to cope with abuse sexual and emotional suffered throughout their lives? Stepping outside of the prevailing dogma in contemporary feminism seems like a one-way ticket to pariahville. Do you feel that your "anti-feminist" stance has hindered your career in any way?

I ask because you mentioned that men's movements need scholars. Personally, I think the current gender-studes environment is absolutely hostile to the growth of such scholars. The ground is fertile but the water is poisoned.

The comment here probably answers your question. I think feminism is an authentic human rights movement and one of the great chapters in the history of freedom. The first and second waves of American feminism brought women essential rights and opportunities, but that noble movement has been hijacked by gender war eccentrics. And profit don't forget that.

My biggest problem is with the current feminist movements is the exploitation of using hot button topic of video games. I know and realize they have been a boys world for a long time but now with more of that culture being popular and socially acceptable for both men and women. I believe some feminist use it as a way to stir up controversy with the over sexualization of women for profit.

I believe their are somethings that can be changed in the game design of certain characters men and women alike. But in the case of my fiancee she plays video games and generally could careless about a characters appearance as long as the game play is fun. I feel almost the same way.

I don't think its outwards appearances that are driving back women. Now one thing that for sure is a big problem is the treatment of women in games by the community. You play a game generally dominated by male players such a FPS or a game like Dota 2. Those games that have voice chat I know most women wont use it because of the abuse and harassment just for being a girl.

That is a major problem and drives them into hiding when they should be able to enjoy it with our being harasses because they have "breast and a vagina". You're right that there is a huge cultural issue with the behavior of online gamers, but I think it has less to do with the games themselves and more to do with the competitive environment and the general anonymity of the internet that enables trolling.

It's just not as noticeable because so many people don't often advertise their gender. The difference is, when you tell a guy you'll chop his dick off for loving men, he just says, "Whatever dude, I screwed your mom".

When you bash a woman, it gets taken extremely personally.

PDF - Who Stole Feminism?

This whole idea that we need special protections against harsh language online, is based on sexist ideas of women as helpless victims that need their white feminist knights to protect them from the world. If we treat them as the default state of being, we reinforce that they'll always be so.

By acknowledging that they are generalizations or stereotypes, we reinforce the idea that they are optional, and people are free to not fit into those molds. And thus, enough people may feel empowered to disregard them that, in time, they are no longer the exceptions but the standard. However, if we keep reinforcing historical gender standards and categorize those who fall outside of them as "exceptions", we may create a self-fulfilling prophecy or a system that specifically proves itself.

I think, while maybe not impossible, these gender "standards" and "stereotypes" as you call them are not nearly as malleable as you make them out to be. I don't know, I say we work with what we know now instead of trying to change literally the biology of people to fit an "ideal" stereotype.

I think you pointed out the main cause was the general anonymity of the internet. Most stuff said to a random stranger online you would never really say to a random stranger in real life. But still these women have to hide their voice in fear of being harassed in game.

I know the "bad" feminists love to pull out the "it's the media's fault we see women in a way we dislike! But I feel it's key to remember that sex and violence drew crowds back when penny arcades first brought video and sound into people's lives as a form of entertainment. And before that, we had stage shows, many of which were violent or sexual.

Media portrayals have literally been the way they are now for well over a century. Video Games are hardly the first form of entertainment for be controversial.

Video games are hardly the first form of media to have sloppy writing that falls back on ancient tropes. And that is what I am getting out is almost the same as blaming video games for violence. Focus on the real issues instead of grabbing for straws. That being said, one of the big differences between the second wave and the third wave was near-celibate advocacy vs sex-positive feminism.

Does sex-positive feminism have any value, or is it just as bad as the rest of the third wave? What can we do as parents to help our young boys do better in these trying times when schools are against them?

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Our schools have become toxic environments for little boys. As our schools have become more sedentary, risk-averse, non-competitive and feelings-centered, they have moved away from the needs of most boys. What can parents do? First of all, every parent of a boy will have to be his advocate. Make sure his teacher likes boys and that the school does not have a punitive attitude towards youthful maleness.

It really steers young guys away from certain studies or professions in college because they start to link certain topics or classes as girly. A lot of teachers will favor girls because they see them as more behaved or better students. These teachers are very obviously biased and the male students will start to tune them out because it's obvious they favor girl students. A lot of teachers see big guys as people who don't need anyone to talk to, or as scary, but a lot of times they'd love to be more involved in class but are never given the opportunity.

Hi Christina, never heard about you before but will certainly check your work out after this. A question comes to mind after getting a bit of an idea of what you are about, I'm a guy in Sweden, a country that has come a long way in our battle towards equality, consider myself a feminist.

But, I cant stand the narrative or semantics used by my feminist friends, this year I won a battle over a friend who's a paid politician over to get her to say, some men are pigs, instead of the more common one, men are pigs.

Dear Christina Hoff Sommers, thank you so much for your work and for raising awareness to boys' and men's issues. Thank you so much for doing this! I watched a documentary you were in I believed it was called "The F Word". The documentary made a point to mention that you worked for a conservative think tank.

I found this interesting because at Paul Nathansons UofT talk he claimed that he was often accused of being "conservative" and as he put it "I am gay how can I be conservative" - In any case gay or not, there is no reason a gay person can not conservative why do you think that feminists consider people who question if feminism is going too far to be "conservative". Does this have more to do with George W Bushes changes to Title 9?

Or does it lie in a "dainty" female protester that can do no harm? What do you think the future in technology holds for men and women? How will the job market change?

What do you think is the biggest issue facing men today? What do you think is the biggest issue facing women? I read your book "who stole feminism" during college at the insistence of my then-girlfriend. We were supposed to read it together, but once she realized it wasn't standard manhating, she stopped. I thought it was fascinating and insightful. Thank you for writing it! I'd just like to thank you for your contributions to gender issues. Wait what? You had a high school men's studies class?

Where did you go to High School, was it in the US? My college didn't even have anything relating to men's studies, and the women's studies department would have simply dismissed that book as misogyny.

Yes, I did! And it was in Southern California. I went to an all-boys Catholic high school and one of the classes offered to seniors was called "Becoming a Man. I was really blessed to have such a rare opportunity and wish to be able to one day make it a more widespread class. Given some time, understanding, and good rhetoric, I'm sure it can happen. I'm legitimately interested in the contrasting ideas of "true" masculinity as defined by your SoCal Catholic high school's curriculum and mainstream masculinity!

Was it more of a chivalry-driven thing or whaa? I'm very curious! Please feel free to PM me to give me a better idea of what you mean. You've realized that todays Feminism ignores reality and supplants it's own version of it. All to justify taking from men and giving to women, for no good reason at that. It's pretty much the embodiment of "bad" feminism. They are constantly playing the victim and will ban anyone that doesn't conform to their ideology.

Thanks for doing this AMA I know little about feminism besides exaggeration and hyperbole examples. What is a term that is positive that is the opposite of Feminism, sort of like a dude who is proud of being a dude? Or a man who wants people to know that he is proud of men's rights and wants to enforce fairness and equality for men? Completely unserious: Who did steal feminism?

I think it's awesome that you like David Hasselhoff so much that you made him your middle name. Much better than a tattoo imo. I'll show myself out now. Okay, after reading over many Ms. Sommers' comments and the various other comments here, I have a lot of questions to address to Redditors here:. What I'm trying to say is, we should all come together to consider all of our gender-related issues, without belittling the other gender's problems or putting our own in priority.

Men can be delicate and fearful, just like some women can be aggressive and violent. Individuals are the ones who should take responsibility; one's gender should not bear the brunt of the consequences for a portion of its population. Boys have special needs in school, according to Ms. As I said in my review, academics are nothing if not mutually critical. The other letters distort my review, which relied on Ms.

Sommers's actual words and assertions as specifically as space constraints permitted. I criticized not her ideology but her illogic and mis information.

Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Trip

Christina Hoff Sommers is liberal in her attacks on feminists, but those who endorse those attacks are surprisingly thin-skinned when challenged. A version of this letter appears in print on July 3, , on Page of the National edition with the headline: 'Who Stole Feminism? Order Reprints Today's Paper Subscribe. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems.

'Who Stole Feminism?'

Ad hominem remarks -- "Christina Hoff Sommers is a wallflower at feminist conferences. In revenge, she attends them obsessively"; "I suspect that the John M. Olin Foundation, which helped finance this book, was. Readers of the Book Review need impartial appraisals, not passionate and amateurish attacks.

Realizing that feminism cannot stand even constructive criticism and that feminist leaders promoting fraudulent claims are exposed by the book, I suspect that the review could additionally have been Ms.

Auerbach's attempt at damage control.The hostility towards men rampant in our society is especially dangerous for little boys. Sommers traces classical-liberal equity feminism to the Seneca Falls convention of Most stuff said to a random stranger online you would never really say to a random stranger in real life.

Hi Christina, love your books! Sarah Ruddi ck, a New School for Social Re- search feminist known for "valorizing" wome n as t he gentle nur t ur er s of our speci es, pai d t ri but e to Hei l brun' s "politicized anger": "Our anger, as Carol yn put s it so well, arouses t he pat ri archy to di sgust. Gynocent r i c femi ni sm defines women' s oppressi on as t he deval uat i on and repressi on of women' s experi ence by a mascu- linist cul t ure t hat exalts vi ol ence and i ndi vi dual i sm.

That being said, one of the big differences between the second wave and the third wave was near-celibate advocacy vs sex-positive feminism. The solution to all the phallogeneric terror, of course, is increased governmental regulation; and it is worth noting, as Sommers does, that the studies on which the new spate of regulations is based are done by the same advocacy groups and individuals whose fanciful statistics feed the alarmist news stories.

Yeah but that's just an academic distinction, as all other things are never equal.

I know and realize they have been a boys world for a long time but now with more of that culture being popular and socially acceptable for both men and women.