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They attain their highest potential only when they are masters of their own destiny. Colonialism is the only agency still trying to sell the idea that freedom is a diploma to be granted by a superior people to an inferior one after years of apprenticeship.

Rizal does not advocate actively fighting for freedom and independence through people's action. As a reformist, he advocates betterment of conditions under Spanish rule since, for him, liberty is not necessarily equal with independence. Rizal and the propagandists were the embodiment of a consciousness without a movement.

It was Bonifacio and the Katipunan that embodied the unity of revolutionary consciousness and revolutionary practice. Would the course of the Philippine Revolution have been different?

This poses the question of the role of the individual in history. Was this historical phase of our libertarian struggle due to Rizal? Did the propagandists of the 19thcentury create the period or were they created by the period. It must also be remembered that the Filipino members of the Philippine Commission were conservative ilustrados.

The Americans regarded Rizal as belonging to this class. This was, therefore, one more point in his favor. Rizal belonged to the right social class -- the class that they were cultivating and building up for leadership.

It may be argued that, faced with the humiliation of a second colonization, we as a people felt the need for a super-hero to bolster the national ego and we therefore allowed ourselves to be propagandized in favor of one acceptable to the colonizer.

Be that as it may, certainly it is now time for us to view Rizal with more rationality and with more historicity. This need not alarm anyone but the blind worshipper.

(Does Rizal deserve to be our national hero?)

Rizal will still occupy a good position in our national pantheon even if we discard hagiolatry and subject him to a more mature historical evaluation. The Role of Heroes With or without these specific individuals the social relations engendered by Spanish colonialism and the subsequent economic development of the country would have produced the nationalist movement.

Without Rizal there would have developed other talents.

Without Del Pilar another propagandist would have emerged. That Rizal possessed a particular talent which influenced the style of the period was accidental. That he was executed on December 30 only added more drama to the events of the period. If there had been no Rizal, another type of talent would have appeared who might have given a different style to the historic struggle; but the general trend engendered by the particular social relations would have remained the same.

The fact is that history is made by men who confront the problems of social progress and try to solve them in accordance with the historical conditions of their epoch. They set their tasks in conformity with the given conditions of their times. The closer the correspondence between a man's perception of reality and reality itself, the greater the man.

Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino

The deeper his commitment to the people's cause in his own time as evidence by his life and deeds. Hence, for a deeper understanding and a more precise evaluation of Rizal as Filipino and as hero, we must examine at some length the period during which Rizal lived. Without Rizal there may have been a delay in the maturation of our libertarian struggle, but the economic development of the period would have insured the same result.

Rizal maybe accelerated it. Rizal may have given form and articulation and color to the aspirations of the people. But even without him, the nationalist struggle would have ensued. This is likewise true in the case of present-day national liberation movements.

The fundamental cause of mass action is not the utterances of a leader; rather, these leaders have been impelled to action by historical forces unleashed by social development.

We must therefore not fall into the error of projecting the role of the individual to the extent of denying the play of these forces as well as the creative energies of the people who are the true makers of their own history.

Innovation and Change Rizal lived in a period of great economic changes. These were inevitably accompanied by cultural and political ferment.

The country was undergoing grave and deep alterations which resulted in a national awakening.

Renato Constantino-Veneration Without Understanding

The English occupation of the country, the end of the galleon trade, and the LatinAmerican revolutions of that time were all factors which led to an economic re-thinking by liberal Spanish officials.

The establishment of non-Hispanic commercial houses broke the insular belt that had circumscribed Philippine life for almost two centuries and a half. The middle of the 19th century saw 51 shipping and commercial houses in Manila, 12 of which were American and non-Hispanic European. These non-Spanish houses practically monopolized the import-export trade.

The opening of the ports of Sual, Cebu, Zamboanga, Legaspi and Tacloban, all during the second half of the 19th century, enabled these non-Spanish interests to establish branches beyond the capital city, thus further increasing cosmopolitan penetration.

He is a hero in the sense that he was able to see the problems generated by historical forces, discern the new social needs created by the historical development of new social relationships, and take an active part in meeting these needs.

But he is not a hero in the sense that he could have stopped and altered the course of events. The truth of this statement is demonstrated by the fact that the Revolution broke out despite his refusal to lead it and continued despite his condemnation of it.

Rizal served his people by consciously articulating the unconscious course of events.

He saw more clearly than his contemporaries and felt with more intensity the problems of his country, though his viewpoint was delimited by his particular status and upbringing. He was the first Filipino but he was only a limited Filipino, the ilustradoFilipino who fought for national unity but feared the Revolution and loved his mother country, yes, but in his own ilustrado way.

European and American financing were vital agents in the emerging export economy. Merchants gave crop advances to indio and Chinesemestizocultivators, resulting in increased surpluses of agricultural export products.

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The Chinese received loans for the distribution of European goods and the collection of Philippine produce for shipment abroad. Abaca and sugar became prime exports during this period as a result of these European and American entrepreneurial activities.

The Transformation of the sugar industry due to financing and the introduction of steam-powered milling equipment increased sugar production from 3, piculs in midth century to nearly 2,, piculs in four decades. The infrastructure program of the Spanish government resulted in a moderately functional road system. It depicts how shallow the knowledge of the Filipinos is about Rizal and nationalism.

In other countries, to be a national hero, you should be a leader of a revolution. But it was different with the Philippines; Rizal, being the national hero, repudiated the revolution and was completely against it. Rizal had other nationalistic interests such as the reform. The purpose of the reform is to be a province of Spain and have equality between the Spaniards and Filipinos. Because of this, Constantino was in doubt if Rizal should really be considered as the national hero.

It is us, who Constantino has been talking about in his title, people who are used to adore Rizal until they have understood the true essence of being a national hero.

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The Philippine Commission was searching for the national hero as someone who has the personality of detesting the idea of revolution and instead, was a governmental reformist who wants liberty to be achieved in a peaceful way. Rizal was the perfect fit for this.

He was acknowledged as American-sponsored hero and was labeled as a limited hero by Constantino. However, separatist movement refused that led to Katipunan revolt.

Throughout the years, it was instilled in my mind that Rizal made the greatest contributions to our independence. His works opened the minds, eyes and consciousness of the Filipinos from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Not just because he was in contradiction of the revolution means that he does not deserve to be the national hero. He was against it because he wanted a revolution that is planned and systematized.

I admire Bonifacio and other men involved in the revolution for their braveness to stand up against the Spaniards to attain our freedom. Many lives have been wasted because of their impatience. Rizal had everything planned out.Its leaders were indios.

I have noticed that the article has three strengths. They to use his med- [p. Rizal should occupy his proper place in our pantheon of great Filipinos. Others, careless and superficial in their approach to history and perhaps afraid to From the very beginning, when I first stir a hornet's nest of controversy, do not think it had notice of what was being planned, I important to dwell on this contradiction between opposed it, fought it, and demonstrated its our Revolution and our national hero and elect to absolute impossibility.

Others who testify that I said independence either have put the cart before the horse or they lie.