VW Golf and Bora Haynes Service and Repair Manual. Zoltán Magyar. Uploaded by. Zoltán Magyar. Download with Google Download with Facebook. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Volkswagen Bora. 1/ - Volkswagen Bora Workshop Manual PDF Download.

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Volkswagen Bora PDF Workshop and Repair manuals Motor Era offers service repair manuals for your Volkswagen Bora - DOWNLOAD your manual now!. Volkswagen Bora Owners Manual | PDF Car Owners Manuals. Motor Era offers service repair manuals for your Volkswagen Bora - DOWNLOAD your manual. You could get it as pdf, site, word, txt, ppt, rar and also zip data. vw golf and bora 4 cyl petrol diesel service repair manual the golf mk4 was first introduced in .

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Volkswagen Bora Service Repair Manual. Volkswagen Bora Service and Repair Manual. Volkswagen Bora Workshop Repair Manuals.

Volkswagen Kafer Repair Manuals. Electrical wiring diagram of Volkswagen Beetle and Super Beetle. Volkswagen Beetle 1. Volkswagen Beetle Automotive Repair Manual. Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet — Self-study programme Volkswagen is a German automotive brand, one of many belonging to the Volkswagen AG concern.

Under this brand in , 5 million 20 thousand cars were sold. Or do you agree that a single manual can fit the requirements of a and car models? However signifying the difference between two models will be quite a task for us, however skilled electricians are quite capable of identifying the wiring diagram differences between models of two different years. Next Volkswagen Bora Owners Manual You need service specifications, torque values for critical fasteners, step-by-step disassembly and repair procedures, fluid capacities, diagnostic charts, recommended maintenance intervals, etc.

Volkswagen Beetle Workshop & Owners Manual

Information is specific to your year make, model, engine and transmission type. You'll find diagnostic charts and troubleshooting guides, as well as in-depth information about each of the mechanical and electrical systems at work in your vehicle. This model was manufactured with various diesel and petrol engines and it was available with both manual and automatic transmission styles. There were also versions for the Japanese market including the right-hand drive , differing in the presence of dimensions in the rear bumper, mirrored in comparison with European models the arrangement of reversing lamps and fog lights, but the front parking lights were like Europeans built into the headlights of the head lighting.

Sedans intended for the European market can be equipped with seven variants of engines: five gasoline and two turbodiesels.

Only we can give the customer exactly manual written for his car. Next Volkswagen Bora Automotive Repair Manuals At mm, the extended rear hangs, which increased the useful luggage space to l.


Great importance is given to active security. The most important types of information included in manual include type of engine, body size and safety products. Lunch steering wheel and lever arms are leather-coated. Significant changes in the model occurred not only in the rear, but also in the front of the car, for example, headlights, hood, wings, radiator lining, not to mention bumpers. Its main differences are the Avus alloy wheels and sporty front seats, adjustable in height.

Next Volkswagen Bora Automotive Repair Manuals In order to understand the electrical system, this manual also has wiring diagram. In , presented a versatile vehicle called Variant. It offers different engine options and specs like 2.

You do not have to pay ever online subscription.

G A-. G A- to a workbench. G A- with workshop crane -VAS Belt pulley end: If necessary clean and remove corrosion. Observe applicable safety precautions during road test. The following dimensions must be obtained: Dimension -x- must be the same on top and bottom. G If dimension is too small or to large proceed as follows: Note Dimension -a- can also be checked e. Assembly is carried out in the reverse sequence of removal.

First remove bolt -B- then bolts -A-. First tighten bolts -A- then bolt -B-. Dismantling and assembling engine G To do this rework water pump wrench -V. The journal must engage into the groove of the crankshaft! Slide belt onto tensioning roller last. Belt drive with air conditioner compressor 1 - Belt pulley - Coolant pump 2 - Idler roller 3 - Belt pulley - Alternator 4 - Tensioning roller 5 - Belt pulley - Air conditioner compressor 6 - Belt pulley - Crankshaft Belt drive with no air conditioner compressor 1 - Belt pulley - Coolant pump 2 - Tensioning roller 3 - Belt pulley - Alternator 4 - Poly V-belt 5 - Belt pulley - Crankshaft After completing repairs always: To do this raise the engine with the support device - A- lightly.

Note Observe that the bearing bush for the crankshaft remains in the control housing. Installing — Clean sealing surfaces carefully. They must be free of oil and grease. Note Observe that the contact surfaces of the poly V-belt sprocket, the securing bolt, the bearing bush and the crankshaft pulley sprocket must be free of oil and grease.

Ensure the camshaft housing does not cant when doing this. Torque settings: Further installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

This deformation will cause a reduction of the bearing clearance. If the bearing cap bolts are loosened, the cylinder block must be replaced complete with the crankshaft. Removing and installing sealing flange and flywheel Installing Note Observe that the contact surfaces of the poly V-belt sprocket, the bolt, the bearing bush and the crankshaft pulley sprocket must be free of oil and grease. Collect leaking engine oil with a cloth.

Note Observe that all contact surfaces from the bolt for the poly V-belt sprocket - crankshaft up to the crankshaft pulley sprocket must be free of oil and grease.

The bolt for the poly V-belt sprocket is spotted on the bolt head -arrow-. Always use a new bolt. Tighten cable tie tightly.

Tightening torque: The position of the hole is not relevant for the later check. The marking must not be made on the washer otherwise it will not turn when turning further. Turning further can be done in several stages. If both markings and align.

In this way it is checked whether the chain sprocket has turned on the crankshaft when the bolt for the poly V-belt sprocket was tightened. If the markings and do not align. If the timing is not OK: Note First check whether the journal of the chain sprocket is still in the crankshaft groove. Replace a damaged chain sprocket.

If the timing is OK: The crankshaft has been turned to the poly V-belt sprocket. Continuation for all vehicles — Remove engine speed sender -G -arrow-. This support ring serves the function of a fitting sleeve and may not be removed prior to installation. Fitting appliance -TA - Clamping surface B - Hexagon nut C - Assembly bell housing D - Locating pin E - Hexagon socket head bolt F - Guide pin for diesel engines black knob G - Guide pin for petrol engines red knob A - Fit assembling seal with sender wheel on assembly appliance -T— Screw hexagon nut -B- to just before clamping surface -A- of threaded spindle.

Vw bora 2003 manual pdf. Volkswagen Bora Owners Manual 2019-04-30

Note The sender wheel must not be taken out of the sealing flange or twisted. Note Ensure sealing flange lies flat on assembly device. Note When installing sealing flange, ensure that sender wheel remains fixed in assembly device.

This ensures that the sender wheel reaches its final installation position. G and 24 mm insert -V. Note After hexagon nut is tightened to 35 Nm torque, a small air gap must be present between cylinder block and sealing flange. E - Checking sender wheel installation position on crankshaft — Screw hexagon nut -E- to end of threaded spindle.

Is measurement -a- too small: F - Re-pressing sender wheel — Secure assembly tool -T to crankshaft flange using hexagon socket head bolts -A-.

If dimension -a- is too small again: Note To avoid damaging the dual-mass flywheel during removal, the bolts -B- must not be removed using a pneumatic or impact driver. The bolts -B- must be unscrewed by hand only.

A - To tighten B - To loosen — Mark position of flywheel in relation to engine. Installing Install in reverse order of removal. Dismantling and assembling pistons and conrods Deviation from nominal dimension max. Checking piston ring gap — Push ring squarely from above down to approx.

Piston ring dimensions in mm new Wear limit 1st compression ring 0,04…0,08 0,15 2nd compression ring 0,02…0,06 0,15 Oil scraper ring Can not be measured 4.

Cylinder head Wear protective glasses and protective gloves to avoid injuries and skin contact. Before loosening fuel pipes, wrap a cloth around the connection. Then release pressure by carefully removing the hose. Note Lock the screwed connections on the high-pressure pump and on fuel rail when unbolting the union nuts with a spanner. Note The bolt -item 9- below the high-pressure pump remains in the camshaft housing.

The retaining pins -arrows 1- must engage into the holes -arrows See hatched area on illustration. Note Ensure no oil remnants drop on the sealing surfaces. Tighten to 10 Nm using torque wrench.

Note Sealant must be left dry for approx. G Note To remove the cylinder head it is necessary to remove the engine with the gearbox. When working on the engine, the engine should be secured on the engine and gearbox support -VAS If the cylinder head must be dismantled, remove the following components: Note The thermostat is removed for a clearer illustration. Damage will cause leakage.

Ensure thereby that surfaces are not scored or scratched if abrasive paper is used, grade must not be less than The inscription Part No. Note the position of the dial gauge indicator. The holes -arrows- in the camshafts must stand as shown. Then turn the crankshaft in engine D. To do this use counter-hold Note Centre bolt of the camshaft adjuster has a left-hand thread.

To counterhold use counter-hold -T Note The camshafts must not be moved axially when turning. Caution The camshaft clamp -T must not be used as counter-hold.

Note If the crankshaft was turned more than 0. Note When tightening the camshaft bolts the crankshaft must not turn and the control chain must remain tensioned on both sides.

Owner's Manuals

If the camshaft clamp -T can not be fitted: If the camshaft clamp -T can be fitted: Note See relevant test unit operating instructions for instructions on how to use test unit. Compression pressures: If the fault memory was erased the readiness code must be generated. Repairing valve gear Reworking cylinder head sealing surface Cylinder head reworking limit: Note When the sealing surface has been reworked, the valves must be set deeper by the same amount rework valve seats otherwise the valves will strike the pistons.


Checking camshaft axial clearance Wear limit: Valve dimensions Note Valves must not be reworked. Only lapping-in is permitted. It is also necessary to check the valve guides for wear. If the reworking dimension is exceeded, hydraulic valve compensation can no longer be guaranteed and the cylinder head should be renewed.

The max. Note If the valve is to be renewed as part of a repair, use a new valve for the calculation. Minimum dimension: Inlet valve 7.

Test procedure — Insert a new valve into the guide. The end of the valve stem must be flush with the guide. Due to slight differences in stem diameters, use only an inlet valve in inlet guide and an exhaust valve in exhaust guide.

Wear limit: When doing this, ensure that the roller rocker fingers are not interchanged. Installing — Place the plastic sleeve supplied on the appropriate valve stem.Options are also offered a lot. Front socket remains fitted loosely on the pipes. Removing and installing parts of fuel supply system Page P r o t e c t e d b y c o p y r i g h t.

The long-term preservation of the car is provided by a zinc-zinc body. In addition, the normal basic safety precautions for working on motor vehicles must, as a matter of course, be observed. Note When installing sealing flange, ensure that sender wheel remains fixed in assembly device.

Exhaust gas recirculation system