Come Away With Me - Kristen cotubesina.gq KB. 3. Like Show likes (With Me in Seattle #2) Epub please 1 Epub or pdf please Do u have epub?. BREATHE WITH ME Book Seven in the With Me In Seattle Series Kristen Proby WITH ME IN SEATTLE SERIES: Come Away With Me and on audio Under the. Cover Art: Photography by: Dylan Duvall Models: Dustin and Stephanie Culp Cover Artist: Okay Creations With Me on Seattle Series: Come Away With Me and .

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Download Stay With Me (With Me In Seattle Book 9) Download at: more than a million copies to date, her beloved With Me In Seattle Series!. The With Me In Seattle series is a book series that focuses on a family that lives in , you guessed it, Seattle. Each book centers around a different cou. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby is the author of the bestselling With Me In Seattle, the Big Sky and the Fusion series.

We are celebrating my seventeenth birthday tonight. It's a week early because my mom will be home on my real birthday, but she's gone tonight on a business trip, and Mark told his folks that he's staying at a friend's house so he can stay with me all night. I can't decide if I'm super nervous or super excited. Maybe I'm both. Because tonight we are going to do it. I grin and shimmy my butt in a little happy dance in the driver's seat of my Ford Escort.

I just have enough time to take a quick shower and touch up my makeup before Mark gets to my house. I hurry through the shower, but pay extra attention to shaving my legs and bikini line. I wipe the fog off the mirror in my bathroom and wrinkle my nose.

My makeup did not survive dance and the shower, so I quickly scrub my face clean and just reapply my eyeliner and mascara and smooth some lip-gloss on my lips. Mark's seen me without makeup plenty of times, but I want to at least look like I'm making an effort tonight.

I pull the short black skirt and red-cropped sweater that shows off my belly out of the closet and after slipping into some lacy black underwear that I've been saving for this exact occasion, I shimmy into the cute outfit and take a turn before my mirror. Mom doesn't allow Mark up here with me when he comes over. And, it's probably a good idea, given what we'll be using this room for tonight.

Nerves suddenly take hold and I wring my fingers as giant butterflies take flight in my belly. I smile shyly. My dance shoes are scattered about.

Photos of my dance teams and friends clutter a cork bulletin board above my desk where my computer sits. A photo of him and I together at Pike's Place Market is framed next to my bed. The top of my dresser is littered with makeup and jewelry. My double-sized bed is made neatly. I changed the sheets before I left for dance this afternoon. This is what I needed, the familiarity of his smell and the feel of his strong arms around my shoulders.

He's so much bigger than me. His muscles are crazy defined, but it's his sweet smile and blue eyes that have done me in since the day I saw him in biology class last year. When he smiles, it looks like he has a naughty secret.

I hope I learn all of his naughty secrets tonight.

I yank the card out of the plastic holder and read it aloud. Love, M. He pours me some bubbly water and I sit back and watch my man move about the kitchen. It would really suck otherwise. I like your mom a lot. I feel kind of guilty that we lied to her about tonight.

He has a natural grace that appeals to the dancer in me. When we danced together at the junior prom, I didn't think that anything could get any better than that. When dinner is done, he serves me first and we laugh all through the meal, talking about school and our mutual friends. He's about to audition for some movie project about vampires," he replies with a laugh.

No matter how hard I try to talk with Mark's older sister, she just doesn't like me. Sam isn't dating you. I can't get enough of Mark's kisses. He rests his forehead against my own and rubs his hands up and down my arms softly, sending shivers through me.

We don't have to do anything more than lie on the couch and watch TV if you want to. With a renewed sense of confidence, I link his fingers with mine, toss a sassy smile over my shoulder and guide him up the stairs toward my bedroom.

Indulge With Me by Kristen Proby

Once inside, he shuts and locks the door-just in case-and follows me to the bed. Keeping eye contact with him, I crawl onto the bed and, leaning back on my elbows in the most seductive pose I can come up with, I crook my finger in invitation for him to join me. My stomach is doing crazy somersaults as he leans in and kisses my cheek and then down to my neck. He guides me to my back and hovers over me, kissing me for what feels like forever.

My hands are all over his back and arms. God, I love the feel of his body, and I suddenly want to feel him naked. I tug the hem of his shirt up and he pulls back long enough to yank it over his head and throw it on the floor and then returns to kissing me, but now his hands are wandering all over my body. This I'm used to. We've done this countless times. He even got my shirt and bra off in the back seat of his car one night after a football game before we put a stop to it.

The rain is coming down harder outside, and it's gotten much darker.

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The only light is the sliver of light coming in from the streetlight on the corner. Mark's breathing is coming faster as he pushes my sweater up and sees my bra. I nod and sit up and let him pull my sweater over my head and unclasp my bra. His fingers are shaking so it takes him a few seconds to get the hooks loose.

Next, I shimmy out of my skirt and panties, and when I move to put my hands over my breasts, he tugs them away and kisses my palms gently. I'm too skinny and my boobs haven't reached their full potential yet, but when he's staring down at me with so much love, I know he's telling me the truth. I reach down for the button on his jeans and with some fumbling around and muttered curses, he manages to wiggle out of them and toss them aside and suddenly there he is in all of his glory.

My eyes move over to his,,, thing and I feel them widen in surprise. Geez shut the fuck up, Meredith! He knows I love the kissing. He lies on top of me and cradles my head in his hands and kisses me silly, nibbling my lips and nuzzling my nose with his. Just when my stomach muscles loosen, he nudges between my legs and I can feel him there.

Indulge With Me by Kristen Proby

Or just nervous about what it will feel like? It's just me. His brow is breaking out in a sweat and he licks his lips nervously, and I can see that he's just as nervous as I am. God, he's so damn big. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations as well as light BDSM themes.

It is intended for adult readers. Thanks for encouraging me to write this story, this way. A note from the author: This book in the With Me In Seattle series is a bit different from the others.

Each of the stories are sexy, sensual, and feature an alpha man with a strong woman, and this book is no exception. However, Matt Montgomery isn't just a run-of-the-mill alpha male. Matt also dabbles in the world of BDSM. The scenes that explore this lifestyle are respectful, sane and always consensual, as should always be the case in this world.

The heart of this story, like the others, is the romance.

The discovery of love and deep affection for another person is paramount. I hope you enjoy Matt and Nic's journey.

Best Wishes, Kristen Prologue "Why are we here? Bailey, my best friend, talked me into attending the Seattle spring erotic festival.

How she managed, I have no idea. I'm the least-kinky person on the planet. I'm so vanilla, I smell of it. Or maybe that's just because I bake with it all day. The main room has been transformed into a large dance club. There is a DJ on stage, loud music pumping out of the speakers, and lights flash as bodies move and grind on the dance floor. There are many different levels of dress. And undress.

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Nudity isn't allowed, but many have pushed the boundaries, covering only the most necessary parts of their bodies. In a smaller room off to the right is a smaller dance floor with softer music and a stage, where a burlesque group is about to perform.

There is also a fully stocked bar in that room. To the left of the main dance area is another large room that is broken into segments, where different kinks are demonstrated for the crowd. Bailey has dark blond hair that falls to her ass, stick straight. The highlights are natural, damn her. Her eyes are wide and deep brown, and when she smiles she has dimples that have long labeled her as cute , which she hates with a passion.

What surprises me the most is how open and comfortable everyone seems, smiling, happy to be nearly naked and unapologetically exploring their kinkier sexual side. It's a nice change to see you out of that white jacket and hat that always hide your body.

You're always at work, friend. You're either in that hideous, body-hiding outfit or in pajamas. There's nothing to say. She's right. I glance down at the short denim miniskirt and thigh-high stockings, heels and red strapless top that Bailey insisted I wear. I can't help but admit that it feels good to dress up a bit. Reminds me that I'm a woman with needs that go beyond a hot kitchen and chocolate frosting.

Bailey helped me apply my makeup of dark liner, fake eyelashes and bright lipstick, and teased my long dark hair into ringlets that fall down my back and over my breasts, which have also been teased to be high and pushed together, showing off what little cleavage I have.

God bless, Bailey and her girlie secrets. You should show it off more. Within thirty seconds, she's left wearing pasties and a G-string.

I'm not even sure what happened to her clothes, they came off so quickly. I tilt my head and watch her move effortlessly across the stage, smiling, biting her lip, flirting with the guys-and girls-in the audience. Four more girls perform, much to the crowd's delight, before they take a break, rearranging props and giving the crowd a chance to refresh their drinks or go explore other parts of the event.

Just watch. It's fun, Nic. But you don't have to. A woman is lying on a massage table, face up, with a blue satin sash over her naked breasts and pelvis. A large, shirtless, gorgeous man is standing over her with a metal wand in his hand. It's attached to a machine, and when he touches her skin, it shocks her. My eyes can't move away from the woman as she writhes and moans on the table.

The man leans down and murmurs in her ear, but she smiles and shakes her head. He resumes pulling the wand over her breasts, making her nipples pucker even more than they were, which didn't look possible, down her stomach and finally between her legs, sending her into a screaming orgasm.

10 of those

I didn't even realize I'd spoken the words aloud. The man has turned the machine off and pulled the woman into his arms, soothing and petting her as she shakes and pants. He kisses her cheek and whispers lovingly in her ear.Under the Mistletoe with Me by Kristen Proby. Rate it:. Thanks for encouraging me to write this story, this way.

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